LEADERSHIP: How to Create a Winning Culture


Investing & Building in Your Organizational Culture Delivers Authentic Connection + ROI for a Stronger Brand Amid a very disruptive time – companies, leaders, employees and customers are all increasing in their expectations, needs and demands. To bring resilience, empathy, understanding, authenticity, agility and mental toughness – leaders and brands need to lean in and invest further in their organizational …

WORKFORCE: ROI of Creating a Strong Company Culture


*Event will be recorded and then distributed via email to those registered* Most professionals agree, having a strong company culture is important.  Like most things in business however, only initiatives that produce results gain support (and investment).  Because strategies to develop, sustain, or improve a company’s culture like any other project requires time and money – the question is inevitable:  …

AZ Biz Link Awesome Women in Business

AWESOME WOMEN IN BUSINESS Mix, Mingle & Motivate: Turning Small Talk Into Something Powerful


Awesome Women in Business Events are hosted on a quarterly basis and offer women the opportunity to mix, mingle & motivate. The events consist of guest speakers or panel discussions that highlight women from the local business community, as they share best practices, words of advice and encouragement.    MARCH 2020 – Awesome Women in Business Mix, Mingle & Motivate: Turning Small Talk Into …